Hi, I'm Christine!

I'm 16 years old, homeschooled, and I currently live in Downtown Naples, Florida. 

I have lived in various places over the years, including: Long Island, Boston, London, and New York City. 

My personal passions are soccer, piano, guitar, singing, reading, chess, and my love for Jesus!

I have experience teaching young kids many different things, all listed below.
I have been babysitting kids (as young as 4 months) since the age of 11.  I have more than three years of experience (300+ hours) of putting children to sleep, cooking for them, taking them to various activities, and confidently dealing with any difficulties that would come up. 

And I do this all without just putting them in front of a television screen.

Kids always love it when I come over!
Piano & Guitar
I have been playing piano since the age of 5 and guitar since the age of 7. I have played for various church bands with both the guitar, and piano.

I have experience teaching the fundamentals of both instruments. Haing a basic understanding of any instrument is a truly great tool to have. My kids always improve, and have fun at the same time!!

Soccer has been my number one passion since the age of 3. I currently play striker for the Ft Myers/Naples competitive club team, Florida West F.C.

I'd love to play soccer on the field with your kids for an hour or two, letting them blow off some energy, while enjoying themselves. Email me for inquiry!
I have been playing chess since the age of 5! My dad had started teaching my brother and I excitedly joined in. I have won first place at multiple tournaments as well as ranked 3rd place in a very, very competitive youth tournament in Philadelphia a couple years ago! From learning how the pieces move to strategies, I can help get your kids started in the chess world.


The Miculis Family,
Julie, Chris, Franny, Flower, and Bobby
"Christine is more dependable and intelligent as a 13yr old than most nannies. She is fun and creative and comes from a great family. We can't say enough about her!"