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        This book is a fantastic gift for any and every kid in your life: not just your children but your nieces, nephews, grandkids, neighbor's kids, your boss' kids, et al.

        After all, someone has to pay for the old folks' retirement!

        Kid Trillionaire teaches powerful, life-altering skills kids will never learn in school.

        Want your copy dedicated to your son/daughter/niece/nephew/grandchild/cousin? Email john@kidsgetrich.com after you order.

        International customers.... it's available on Amazon Kindle where you live.
        Want to buy 10, 50, 100, or 500+ copies for your school, mastermind group, or large corporate event? Click here!
        Natalie Bober 
        Award Winning Historian and Author of 8 Books, including Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution 
        "I am flabbergasted by this book....it's hard to believe that a young child can come up with these ideas, can write the way he does....the whole thing is mind-boggling."
        Frequently Asked Questions
        Are you a Trillionaire yet?

        It depends on how many books you buy! Just kidding. I earn money in a variety of ways. I've had private clients since I was 10. I can do just about anything on a computer, including creating websites, building sales funnels and membership sites, running social media campaigns, email marketing, list building, audio and video editing, podcast production, a little bit of graphic design, etc.

        I've amassed thousands of dollars already. Members can see my full income report in The Kids Get Rich Club.

        Why did you write Kid Trillionaire?

        I always wanted to stop begging my parents for handouts and have money of my own, but I didn't know how. So a few years ago I fully immersed myself in entrepreneurship. I started reading books, magazines, and newsletters on business, listening to podcasts, and most importantly....I've gone to about 15 business and marketing conferences all across the country

        At these events, I sat alongside adults for hours and days listening to and learning from world class speakers (i.e. really rich people). I even tag along with my Dad to his intense business mastermind meetings.

        Unfortunately, the stuff I learned is not taught in schools anywhere. They don't have these types of events and networks for kids. There aren't even that many good books on business geared to kids.  So I decided to write one!

        How did you write this book?

        It took 6 full months, from the initial idea....until I self-published it through Amazon in April 2018.

        That might seem fast, but it was really, really hard. I had to figure out what I wanted readers to take away, a catchy title (kidbillionaire.com was taken), and the structure of the book. Once I got clear about all that and had an outline....it was a process of just filling-in-the-blanks. It was honestly pretty grueling, but well worth the effort, and I'm very proud of the result. 

        Tell me more about this book.

        The main objective of Kid Trillionaire is to fire your kids up about making money. Most have told me that they never even thought about it until reading my book and seeing what I've done.

        As you know, kids are very much influenced by other kids. Not only will they benefit from my personal example, but the book is filled with stories of kids across the world who are already out there making, tons and tons of money in a variety of different ways.

        "This kid reminds me of me at his age, and I'm flattered by the comparison." - The Legendary Dan Kennedy! 
        Podcasting pioneer ---> John Lee Dumas!
        Serial Entrepreneur - Ted Alling!
        Supercoach Lee Milteer!
        NBA Executive --> Pat Williams!
        Million Dollar Listing's Sam DiBianchi!
        Dr. Dustin Burleson interviews me on Dan Kennedy's stage
        Founder of Advantage Media Adam Witty!
        The iconic business mogul and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes!