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John Louzonis, Age 18
Naples, Florida

Hey Parent!

Do you want to turn your kids into world-beating entrepreneurs?

Do you want your kids to never have to work a soul-crushing job a day in their lives?

Do you want your kids to become financially independent?

Do you want your kids to be earning so much money that they can skip college, travel the world, enjoy life to its fullest?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then keep reading...

Warren Buffett said that when it comes to entrepreneurs, what "correlates most with success was how early they started their first business.

In other words, you need to get your kids started right now!

Because the sooner they start experimenting, learning about business, dabbling, acquiring new skills...

The sooner they discover what works and what makes them a fortune!

But most kids are nervous and don't know how to start. 

That's why I created the Kids Get Rich Club - a comprehensive entrepreneurship program for kids and teens.

Not only will your child learn all about entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, finance, etc...

But your child will also be introduced to hundreds of Kid Trillionaires - other young entrepreneurs, inventors, authors... - so that they'll be able to say, "YES, I can start my own business too!"

Here's just a few of the kids featured in the Club:

What Kids in the Club are Doing

Writing Books!

Creating Online Courses!


Building Lifestyle Brands!

Repairing Electronics for Cash!

Appearing on TV!

Making Music!

Starting Dog-Walking Empires!

Earning Thousands from "Trash"!

Creating Huge LEGO Businesses!


Kids Get Rich Magazine

Every month you will receive the value-packed KGR magazine - inside you'll find deep-dives on specific industries, more inspiring stories of Kid Trillionaires, new ways I'm earning money, and so much more!

Kid Trillionaire Mastermind

Once a month, Club members attend an exclusive LIVE meeting on Zoom to discuss business, stay accountable, learn about entrepreneurship and economics, see what the other kids are doing, and more!

Kids Get Rich Vault Binder

Included with your Club membership is the KGR Vault Binder, which also contains the last 12 back issues published, for FREE!


  • Cursive for Cash Penmanship Book - learn the wisdom of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, world-changers, and icons through this cursive handwriting workbook! (value - $50) 
  • Kid Trillionaire Power Money Planner - this daily planner teaches kids how to set goals and a schedule, encourages them to try difficult things, visualize success, and much more! (value - $100)
  • ​120 Minutes of 1-on-1 Consult Time with Me - so that I can answer any questions your kids will have about business and what they can do to get started! You can break up your time however you want! (value - $200)
  • Kid Trillionaire Audio Book - your kids don't like to read? No problem, they can listen instead! (value - $20)
  • Personalized Webpage - every Club member gets their own personalized webpage to highlight their businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors - click here for an example! (value - $200)
  • Unlimited Access to all Previous Content (value - $600)
  • ​Lock-in Super Low Price for Life! - You will never pay more than $30 a month, even if the price goes to a $1,000... (value - infinite savings!)

TOTAL VALUE (of the bonuses alone!): $2,135+!

Meet John

John is the 18 year old author of Kid Trillionaire: How a Little Kid Can Make a Big Fortune and the host of the Kids Get Rich Podcast. He's dedicated himself to helping other kids learn how to make money and become entrepreneurs for the last 6 years.

He's studied entrepreneurship for the past 8 years. John has been to over 20 business events and conferences! 
Again, you will receive:
  • The Kid Trillionaire Magazine mailed to your home
  • Access to the exclusive monthly Kid Trillionaire Mastermind Meeting
  • The Kids Get Rich Vault Binder 
  • All the bonuses listed above!
  • ​And much much more!
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